Apply for a grant

Please note the following points concerning our policy for awarding grants. This is provided as guidance for those making applications.

  1. The 1772 Charity does not make grants
    • to individuals.
    • in response to unsolicited ‘flyers’
    • to organisations that are not registered charities
    • to organisations outside of England and Wales.
  2. The Charity’s main objective is: – “The support of young people at risk, the relief of offenders and their dependents, and other related purposes.”
  3. The 1772 Charity MAY consider grant applications from REGISTERED CHARITIES that work in areas in accord with our aims.
  4. From the title it may be seen that at its inception, in 1772, (then known as ‘The Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts’) – the ‘Debtors Relief Funds Charity’ aimed to provide relief to those in prison for debt. In more recent times, reflecting changes within society, a wider view has been taken, and the Charity may award grants to Charities working for the welfare of prisoners, or ex-prisoners, and their families.
  5. The Governors award grants once a year, in May. Grants are of small sums – normally up to £2000. An application form will be provided upon request. Applicants will be advised at this point if it is considered that it is unlikely that the Governors would support it – most likely if the nature of the work the applicant is involved with does not fit with the aims of The 1772 Charity.
    In some circumstances the Governors may commit to making a grant for up to three successive years. It is expected that applicants will welcome this continuity of funding.
  6. Applications for consideration by the Governors at the next AGM should be submitted to the Secretary via the online application form by 1st April..
  7. Our preferred method of paying grants is by direct payment to a bank account. Therefore, please show details of the account to which any grant should be paid. (If this is likely to present any difficulty please contact the Secretary, see below)
  8. Should you have any queries please contact the Secretary – email is probably the quickest – and we shall endeavour to reply promptly.

Making a donation

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